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Will the site fit your needs?  Our analysis will ensure the land is sufficient for your needs including building site, parking, utilities, storm water mitigation and accessibility.  Our team is experienced in making sure your site is the right place to build your new project. 


We want our clients to make informed financial decisions.  We understand that early and accurate budget estimates are critical to the success of your project.  Our experienced team will provide advice and input to ensure that your budget reflects the scope of work and quality you expect.


We know it is important for the intended design to be accurately reflected in the construction drawings.  We ensure that details are included that will allow subcontractors to accurately bid and complete the works as specified.  We can help identify areas of concern and help provide alternatives if needed.


We are proud to assist in making your project happen through creative value engineering solutions.  Our team can help determine if the scope of work fits your budget and suggest areas of cost savings if needed.  We are experienced in identifying alternate solutions to achieve the same results while saving money.


We will ensure that your project gets completed on time to the standard of excellence you expect.  Our project management system is designed to communicate with you through each construction milestone and keep you updated and informed every step of the way.  On budget.  On schedule.

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